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This is a matter of opinion but I definetly think these are up there in the best punk albums ever in no specific order.

1.) The Faith/Void split LP
2.) T.S.O.L. Dance with Me
3.) X - Los Angeles
4.) M.D.C.- Millions of Dead Cops
5.) Necros - Conquest of Death
6.) Zero Boys - Vicious Circle
7.) Fear - The Record
8.) Samhain - November Coming Fire
9.) Bad Brains - Rock of Light
10.) Angry Samoans - Back From Samoa

So, Whats everyones top 10? And btw if you havent heard any of these albums, youre fucking retarded. and thats a fact not opinion.

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Yeah, The Adicts were great when I saw em too. Just a fucken good gig. Tunes like 'Chinese Takeaway', 'Joker in the pack', 'Easy way out' etc are just classic.

The new Abrasive Wheels album "Skum" isn't too bad either
I dont usually pay attention to new band releases from older bands cuz they usually suck.
Hhah seems like theres quite a few albums from old bands being released......maybe they have to fill in their spare time in old age???
yeh wattie from the exploited needs to fill his time with something
might aswell do it by causing chaos and making punk rise to the surface[or have a gd goo]
I never do
fuck yea the skeptix!
1. dirt: black and white
2. dead kennedy's: frsh fruit for rotting vegetables
4. dead kennedy's: plastic surgery disasters
5. ramones: rocket to russia
6. Screeching Weasel: BoogadaBoogadaBoogada!
7. The Exploted: Troops of Tomorrow
8. The Misfits: Walk Among Us
9. Fear: The Record
10. The Opressed: Music for Hooligans.
not in any specific order, and this is just my opinion
1-The pist-Destroy Society (ep)
2-Dead kennedy-plastic surgery diasters
3-minor threat-Out of Step
4-Sex pistols-Never mind the Bollocks
6-Gogol Bordello-Super Taranta
7-Operation Ivy-Take warning
8-Dead Kennedys-Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables
9-Tower Blocks-The good, the bad, and the punk
10-Cock Sparrer- Shock Troops
1. definetly not worthy. 2. definetly better albums then plastic surgery. 3. debatable. 4. over rated. 5. overated. 6. opionated. 7. nahhh 8. way better then plastic surgery disasters. 9. nah . 10. theyre worthy
It wasnt in any order, like best to least. That was just order i thought of them haha. i dont know man, the Pist is pretty niccee.My fav. song by DK is Terminal Preppy and i just lokve that album. Minor threat is my all time fav. band. Its the sex pistols and that that album kicks ass!
Love that Tower Blocks album!


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