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This is a matter of opinion but I definetly think these are up there in the best punk albums ever in no specific order.

1.) The Faith/Void split LP
2.) T.S.O.L. Dance with Me
3.) X - Los Angeles
4.) M.D.C.- Millions of Dead Cops
5.) Necros - Conquest of Death
6.) Zero Boys - Vicious Circle
7.) Fear - The Record
8.) Samhain - November Coming Fire
9.) Bad Brains - Rock of Light
10.) Angry Samoans - Back From Samoa

So, Whats everyones top 10? And btw if you havent heard any of these albums, youre fucking retarded. and thats a fact not opinion.

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in no order at all, ill just number or ill forget what number im at and ill put like 8 or 21.

1)pist-ideas are bulletproof
3)Fear- The record
4)knucklehead-hostage radio(ep)
5)knucklehead-voices among us
6)subhumans(UK)-time fly's buy airplanes crash
7)SNFU-..and no one else wanted to play
8)LoC-rock the 40oz
9)MDC-Hey cop if i had a face like yours/millions of dead cops(its a split for me)
10)Dead Kennedys- in god we

honorable mentions:
-frank zappa and the mothers of invention-were in it for the money(i dont give fuck if its not punk)
-dropkick murphys- do or die///gangs all here(split with the business)---these two are just 2 of my favorite albums
id have to say the only good bands i see listed here are ramones, fear and clash. the rest are not top 10 worthy if u ask me.
Are you fucking seriouse! GOGOL BORDELLO KICKS ASS! and Dead Kennedys are fucking amazing!
mhm but dk isnt top 10. to put even more serious bands, consider these . middle class, flyboys, x, nig heist, bags, etc
crass is definetly not top 10 worthy. sex pistols are over rated as fuck. dk is good but not top 10 good.
dk beats crass any day. i like dk more then the pistols to, the pisols and the sid and nancy shit is over rated as fuck
hmm.. without repeating some others listed.
1) Oxymoron - Fuck the Nineties, Heres Our Noize
2) Agent Orange - Living in Darkness/Surfing To Some Fucked Up Shit
3) Vibrators - Pure Mania
4) Abrasive Wheels - When the Punks Go Marching In
5) Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material
6) Alley Cats - Nightmare City
7) Anti-Pasti - Last Call
8) Subhumans - The Day the Country Died
9) The Adicts - Sound of Music
10) UK Subs - The very best of...Before you were punk.
(yeah its a compilation, but a good one)
im not a oxymoron/anti pasti fan. adicts are over rated
can't win em all I guess..
If those were taken out, I'd put in:
Skeptix - Pure Punk Rock
Adolescents - s/t
GBH - Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne
no way are adicts overrated, great fucking band i saw them in L.A back in july. 2nd best show iv ever been too.

i completely forgot about abrasive wheels! that album is so great!
"when the pigs...go marching in.
oh how i wanna be in that meat van...
when the pigs go marching in"
theyre way over rated by all the street punks and oi! kids. i like them but would not have their album in my top 10.


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