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how do u guys wear ur hair down?

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me perdonally for work my job wont allow me to spike it up so what i do is just gell it a little and pull it back a bit
Typically I wear it down in a pony tail to keep it out of the way. Occassionally I'll let hang loose Conan the barbarian style, but then it gets in my way when I try to eat.

I actually, went to an expensive boutique hair stylist in New York City last month to see what kind of styling he could do for me as a down look, especially for the wedding I was attending in a castle the next day. He said there wasn't much of anything he could do without destroying the mohawk, since all the hairs need to be close to the same length. It was kind of sad, but also good to know.

This is a great topic, Im curious to know what others have found out. Maybe some stylist as found a different style. While I love the mohawk, i'm not a huge fan of the ponytail.
yea, mines too short to do the pony tail, i used to do that when it was longer. i either just let it down and comb the top foward so i have bangs, or put the top back and use bobbypins so it kinda looks like a pony tail, just w/ out the back tied. i saw someone online braid theirs into a french braid, i thought that was pretty fuckin awesome :D
I absolutely HATE having my hair down. It looks like shit due to it being thin and wavy.

My solution to that was/is wearing it up all the time haha :)

Unfortunately...there does not seem to be too much one can do with it down. I think that is why a lot of people that are on the fence about getting a mohawk ultimately do not.

A good solution for jobs and shit is to get some type of wig. I have heard of plenty of people doing this.
I usually wear it all combed over to one side or the other if it's down. I'm getting triple extensions added to the back third of my head (along my hawk from the crown of my head to my neck) for Christmas and they'll hang down past the backs of my knees so I expect to wear my hair pony tailed back then. I never particularly liked pony tails but it looks like the only soluton that I'll have. I use wigs, too, but just for a particular look that I want that day.
i hate the way mine looks down cause it too small to wear in a pony tail so i just wear a bandana
I used to just comb it to one side so it looked like some fucked-up combover, but now that its longer and gets in the way of eating I just tie it up at the back, or if its cold I wear a beanie.
I do finger waves or little pigtails in the back and tease the front a little, pomp it a little with a bandanna, just leave it, use wax and flatten it out and drop the front in my face, clip the part behind my bangs together and then tease it a little, braid it all, etc.

I've tried a buncha stuff. Mines not really thin though so I think that gives me more options but idk, never done the thin hawk before..
i nicked off the bottom 1/2 inch so i could wear a hat and reenact while still being period appropriate.
my hair is the worst down man...i swear its curly as fuck man honestly .

most of the time i will wear a hat but if its too hot n i cant b arsed to put it up then i will slik it bk n then but the bak into a ponytail lol
I hate wearing mine down, it makes me look like Hitler.
I put some gel in it and slick it back.
The front is longer then the back so anything else looks pretty weird.


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