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What kind of attention does your mohawk attract?

First off, I'd like to say that Im going to be hacking myself a mohawk this summer. I plan on doing the duct tape method. I'd do it sooner but I plan on getting a job in a month or so. I figure if they already have me hired and THEN I get a hawk, they wont get rid of me.

But I was wondering what kind of attention your cut gets. Im sure you get plenty of it , but what kind. Good, Bad, Enthusiastic, tell me your experience.

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Well working at Hard Rock Hotel in Universal, I mostly get a lot of pictures. Kids seem to love it and most parents do too, but every once in awhile I'll get the conservative type that will call me the devil and not leave me a tip.
I get that with the kids too! Back when I was working the reycling it was hot pink and because I was travelling around the borough and working on the streets I became something of a celebrity with the toddlers of Richmond.
yeah! .. My nephew back in Washington thinks I'm a rockstar or something too! go figgya!
For the most part, I get rather good attention from it. The one story that I have that I got harassed for it was at my work by a comedian we had ( I work as a server/bartender at a movie theatre that serves beer and food and sometimes have stand-up)

It was this guy named Rich Vos (prick) and basically saw me and needed to use me as material for his bombing act. Basically, he went through all the stereotypes of someone with a mohawk.

It made me smile a bit when my customers at that time said he sucked until he had me as his material and said that they liked the hawk lol. I was able to shrug it off, but he still better not find himself alone with me in an alley way.
ive never gotten any reactions from my mohawk yet.
theres a video on youtube of a bunch of guys making people pay them to take pictures. you could try that and a least make a few bucks. lol
I like to walk around town with mine and it is well over a foot long so people usually just stare.
Every once in a while a car goes by and someone throws up the horns or shouts and "Oi!" at me.
Its wierd how much the old people love it tho. Old people are really impressed and they respect it.
HOWEVER...when i went to school with my liberty spikes, kids laughed, stared, gawked. they laugh cuz they dont take a chance and keep it all in the box of "safe appearance." well i am waaaaaay outside that damn box! i dunno kids fucking suck especially since theyre so damn immature.
today i went to a mexican restrunt with my family and this lady looks right at me and does that thing where you kinda bring your eyebrows down in disapproval (kinda hard to type what it looks like) and this old guy on a mo-ped said "i like you hair" (or maby it was don't like i couldn't hear that well). but a lot of people say it looks cool or nice. and then everyone wants to touch it and that gets annoying. but i diffently love mine and don't want to get rid of it anytime soon
It's a frown or scowl. A frown is less intense than a scowl.
Ha ha, yeah, I sometimes tell people that mohawk is a verb. They look at me like "Uh no".

Then I head slice them laugh, and say "you just got mohawked'
Sometimes the hawk attracts the kind of attention that's a little too friendly...

This pic was taken in Victoria station. I was taking my youth group out for coffee and said yoofs decided they were gonna decorate my hawk. Yes, that is Zippy from Rainbow hanging off the front, yes there is a troll hanging off the top and yes, the way it looks like I'm swearing at the camera was very much intentional.

Remind me: why exactly do I volunteer for this???


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