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I've had the most success using Schwarzkopf Got2BeGlued Hairspray and a blowdryer.

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We dun have aqaunet here, I use Wella and Murray's, the thing about murray's is, that when u get it on yur hands, it takes 3 days to wash it off >:3.. reeaaaally expensive tho .. =(
hella! i use those too. HEHEE

I've been using got2be glued for a few weeks now. It goes in very well, much better than Bed Head Hard Head. It can really get it to be perfectly straight to the tip with that stuff. But then I find I have trouble keeping it that way. The base begins to curve and it develops breaks in it. With the previous stuff, once it dried it felt like I had elmer's glue in my hair. With g2b it still feels sorta soft and a bit greesy. I think I'm going to try a combo of the gel and spray, so that the spray will hold it after the gel shapes it.
Schwarzkopf Got2BeGlued Hairspray and a blowdryer redken freeze spray or gelatin flavored or unflavored i use pop so when i sweat it dont taste like ass
try out White Sands - Stuck UP
ive used hairspray, gel, cold glue, wax, some spanish stuff called la pebra and gelatine.. glue works great for festivals but kinda goes manky after a few days, the gelatine is great as its very flexible and springy (esp when you get those "can i touch your hair?" ppl) and i can drive and sleep a lot easier. my hair is pretty fine so most waxes and sprays just dont last..
Dial deodorant soap I saved from the clink. Elmer's clear school glue for tha tips and extra durability. Dries instantly and washes out que se quieres.
cheap tesco soap and any hair spray or back comb it when it gets long mines only like 2 inchs now tho so i just use hair and hairspray
Supermarket hairspray. Cos its cheap and it works!!
elmers glow works great for my hair.
Well, I've seen Got2bglued in Tescos in UK But to much money, :P
SO i use tesco hoembrand, and ada if i get my dad to fetch it, i wud say asda work lik egenius, makes it so damn solid =D
When I first got my mohawk I would only use the got2b glue, and I found that using hairspray makes it look 100x better. I then switched over to got2be spray, it worked great, but I would use up a can in two weeks. Then I tried aquanet, because it was a cheap alternative to got2be. I found that it didn't make my hair hard, and was hard to get the maximum vertical-ness with it. So then I went to Rave 4x, and holy crap. It's the best thing I've ever used. Cheap too, only $2.69 a can :D

I usually put up my hair with rave on monday, and it looks great after sleeping, just some parts are weakened because I roll around. But I've left my hair up for a week using this stuff, it's really amazing.


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