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I have been rocking the mohawk for almost a year strong now , and everywhere I go (no matter if its the local tavern, parties, or just on the street) a wide variety of people walk up to me out of the blue and say things like i love your hair . it suprises me because i live in a small town with little or no punkage rep(actually i think im the only one around sporting the hawk).... i was just wondering if you guys get the same thing >?

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I love the astonished gasps and the whispering to children about it and saying stay away from me

but mostly I love when im walking down a isle at a store and someone looks at me from down it then turns the opposite direction immidiatly
i get them A LOT. everything from coming up to me well im waiting fora buss and saying "awesome hair!" to being on the buss and looking out the window and randoms giving em the thumbs up lol.

but like people have said, a lot of gross looks.
i get people saying they like it, and ask about the colors, how do i get them, all that and how do i get it up, and just general questions. a 2yr old kid 1 time was staring at my hawk, and when waved he blushed and hid from me. i thought that was the cutest thing. but i havent gotten anything bad yet except from family. but tis weird my very conservative grampa just creepily asked me for a lock of hair.... so i guess he likes it too. i'm the only person other than my b/f who has 1 around here as far as i know. except my friend andy who lives like an hour away


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