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ok, 1, I don't have a blow dryer is their anyway to get it up securely without one or am I screwed till I get some money? You can see the length of my hair in my picture.

2. I'm going to a show in a couple weeks, its going to be rather long (like 5pm to 2 am). What should I use to make sure its good and sturdy for the entire time? I was thinking about using gelatin but from what I hear its brutal getting out and I'm afraid of messing up while putting it up and having to take hours to wash it out and re-do it.

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knox isn't that hard to get out of your hair.. usally 3 times with shampoo and it'll be gone.. I can shower in 5 minutes and get all the knox out of my hair, and get clean. And I had mohawk e.d without a blowdryer.. You could probably pick one up cheep at a thriftstore.
If you make a mistake with the know you can get it out easily if you wash quickly and it has not solidified. About that, it all depends on how thick you make the knox. The thicker it is, the harder it is to get out and also to comb through.
I've had good luck with Got2BGlued...
Ah, well thats good. I was under the impression it would be really hard to get out. Thats why I've been hesitate to try it. That and as I said I don't have a blow dryer right now.


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