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Last year I tried to put up a hawk with rave 4# and I couldn't seem to get it up..
it was around 4 inches or 5 I think.. But I remember it wasn't anywhere near easy for me.. My hair's now at 5 inches again and I was thinking of getting a hawk, but I don't wanna have to go through that trouble every 4 or 5 days.. Someone at my school with a mohawk (4 inches) said I should mix hairsprays, like got2be glued and rave.

Would this work better?

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The method on the home page would fan a 5 inch hawk easy. Try that, you don't even need to use the soap if you're hair isn't as fine.
yeh, I got medium coarse hair so it should be good
my favorite hairspray is bed head hard head hairspray.. its expensive but its a damn good hold and still flexible. though when i run out or cant afford it i use rave #4 and i never had a problem with it really.. though i dont think its that good it held my hair up for a day or two including when i had my 13 inch hawk
bed head has always worked the best for me but i bought this cheaper stuff called umberto super hold i believe and it worked fine. It was more firm but it kind of faded after a day or 2.
yeh, well i still had my long hair on the sides...

Was going for a tri-hawk look'
I'm not sure if mixing hair sprays would work, but maybe try a new technique. I've found one that's pretty simple and doesn't take too long if you get good at it. just hold up your hair with a comb as if you'r putting it up in a fan, and then LIGHTLY spray it with hair spray, most hair sprays will work well if you know the right way to use them. them blow dry the dampened hair until it stays up, it doesn't have to be perfect, just atleast get it to stand up. do that to all if your hair and then get some gel and do some touch-ups and make your mohawk stand up stong. it used to take me forever to do it, but after a while of figuring out how much hair spray and gel is needed for your kind of hair, it gets quicxk and easy.
Agree with Nate. You do not need a lot of hairspray at once. Add it slowly to avoid clumping and of course blow dry it and then keep adding more "layers" of hairspray. You can continue combing through as well and add another coat of spray.

Typically if you use a lot of spray it clumps up the hair, makes it limp and takes longer to dry it.
if you can get ur hands on a flat iron ( or a clothes iron) and spray with something like got2be glued and iron it dry it works pretty good or you can say fuck hairspray and boil up suger and water till it gets gell like that works to, bugs like it tho


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