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Whats your Favorite Mohawk Color? Are you a Nuclear Red or an Iguana Green lol (Special Effects Colors) Or do you like to mix multiple colors together?

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Yellow! I never had yellow in a mohawk myself but i like it!

Maybe Orange too!
I hella dig fuckin wapow! colors lol, so I would say like rainbow colors + pink :P
Red or black solid/all over.

Red, purple and blue mixes are decent.
I like to combine colours, but my favorite hawk was my rainbowhawk!
love the rainbows.. those are like my all time favorite!
I'm a multiple colors person myself, but i do enjoy when people can rock one certian color, and its extremly bright.
I really like blue :)

rainbows! especiallyif you have two lines of mohawk. coz then it's a DOUBLE RAINBOW!

i'm planning on rainbow in a few months but a horizontal rather than vertical one that is more normal :)

Ive had my  Mohawk green before, i cant remember the brand of hairdye it was but it was cheap stuff but very good, Ive dyed my friends mohawk several colors. Fusia , dark red, Blue, Green, shit like that. all manic panic, very good stuff


On another note, right now my mohawk is dyed black because its the only way i could have kept it for work but sometime in the future i would like to dye it ice blue. Anny suggestions on where i might obtain ice blue hair dye? really good stuff too


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