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Anyone else gotten rid of thiers recently? I have, it's a bit shit but... meh...

I miss it...

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This is the saddest thread I've seen. It'll grow back Dom, it'll grow back.
not recently but it sux when its gone
I had 2 (not at the same time) and yeah it does suck. I miss it and am thinking about getting another one.
I shaved mine off about a good year ago, was horrible going around people I knew haha, WHERE'D YOUR HAWK GO!?
My third mohawk was born in the last week of December and lasted until tonight =( I just cut it. I am working on number 4 but fuck do I hate not having it.

Unfortunately this had to be done. I was getting too frustrated with how it looked currently...this might need a bit of back story so here ya you all probably know from the video, I used to use soap as the base for my mohawk. Soap dries out the hair. For five years I never used conditioners and I would wash my hair once maybe every other week. That combined with the pulling of the comb through the hardened soap did it in a bit. Then when it got longer and I used knox I literally pulled a lot of it out in its entirety when I would comb that shit through so it thinned out the crown extremely which is already the thinnest part of hair on my head. THEN I started using an iron and scorched the hair and then hair straighteners etc and by the time I got the amazing new blow dryer and could do the hair easier with just spray and condition more, it was too late =(

I had a scare that is not completely ended that I was/am balding. I am pretty sure it is growing back in because I see the dark hairs again, I just don't know if it is even thinner now =(

So, hopefully in a few months time I will have mohawk number 4 and it is gonna come out swinging!
i might be cutting mine off some one really needs to change my mind lol! i just hate all the messing about
Your going to regret. Don't take it for granted. Hawks are the best thing since girls. haha

I cut mine for work and i hate life. They said i could wear a wig so i'm growing it back!
Cutting it off was like cutting out a part of me. I was one of the only people in town with a decent mohawk, everyone knew me for it
Might grow another one
well mine hasnt gone yet even thou this weather is bumping me out
I just cut mine back in as well. Literally day before yesterday. Not even long enough to spike into a point as of yet so when I through product in it I resemble a roman helmet =p


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