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how difficult is it to get a job sporting a mohawk? Fucking hard as hell. What jobs will hire you in Missouri with a mohawk? Idk. And i don't know what to do, i need a fucking job.

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down, nah, i'm a girl doode, and they automatically judge me for it, just because i have a mohawk. but a wig, hrm.. i'm gonna check that out! have to find out where i can find one inexpensive .
I thought about doing that too, but then I realized that I would never wear my hair up. So it would be a tad pointless for me. =/
I am having the same problem...i have been unemployeed for 2 weeks now and i'm about to chop it off =/
2 weeks???!?!?!?!? and already about to get rid of it???!!!
Ive been searching for a job since May! :O
Still miserably poor.
Ive set my "you can't get a job with out cutting it off date" to Jan 1st. D:
So I'm getting kinda desperate haha.
I just got a letter from the company I worked for the last two years (it's a seasonal job) and they pretty much hired me back then they called me and I talked to them and I have job but they haven't seen my hair so it will be interesting to see what their reaction is.
Good luck to you! I wish I had some sort of job, even seasonal.
Well, a seasonal job might be more forgiving, so they may not cause a fuss - here's hoping! What type of work is it?
I'd say going for temporary, seasonal jobs would be your best bet for acceptance or if you can find a job where you aren't dealing with the public or a small shop that sells unusual, punky stuff. Or maybe a comic-book or gizmo & gadget stores maybe?
I have a warehouse job because its more likely they won't cause a fuss and I don't have to deal with people as much.
yeah i do this too as a casual job.. today was putting lids on cheese platters... boring as all hell, but pays for part of my vinyl addiction and i just listen to my tunes all day. I wear a thick hat only cos it's work in the freezer.. its amusing thinking of all the rich people who will be buying this extremely expensive cheese, not knowing that some punk ass has been assembling it hahahahh
i could not do that job, i once tried to work at a meat place, and those mother fuckers put me in the freezer to stack shit and what not, it didn't last long tho, i was a replacement.
I work in a supermarket, but when they hired me I didn't have the hawk (been there 4 years).

I've applied to work at GAME and the manager didn't seem to care (but it was down when I went in).


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