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how difficult is it to get a job sporting a mohawk? Fucking hard as hell. What jobs will hire you in Missouri with a mohawk? Idk. And i don't know what to do, i need a fucking job.

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my boss is desperate for crew and doesnt give a fuck if uv got "one of them funny things on ur head" its a piss awful job however
what do you do?
i work on a trawler,which is why he s not fussy wot his crew look like lol
That's a smart manager there

I haven't had a mohawk in over 3 years (had it for 5 years before that). i miss the hell out of it. 

My current boss is cool if dye my chin length hair weird colors as long as i look "classy" but is not into the mohawk idea.

of course, my current boss can only afford to hire me one day a week for 6 hours at minimum wage. so i'm trying to find a better job. don't get me wrong, i fucking adore my job and i'm learning a lot, its just that $50 dollars a week doesn't pay any of my bills.


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