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i want to know, how do hawks fare in the snow? we don't ever get snow here, in el paso TX, but it snowed this morning and i'm not sure if putting my hawk up while it snows is a good idea, and for those of u who live in cold places, how do u keep your head from freezing?
any help would be mucho appreciated.

oh and has anyone tried to cut a slit in a beanie like heroin bob in slc punk? does it work?

well mondo thanks for any one who helps.

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if you shave the sides of your head, prepare for "HOLY SHIT ITS SO COLD" all the time (well in Canada at least)
and people will think you are thick because you did it
i used glue, gel and knox, they all held up pretty good in weather (seeing as my hawk was like 6 inches ish)

as for the hat, i tried to get my sister to knit me a hat
and it epic failed sort of

whatever you make the hat out of, i think safety pins are your friend
i actually got my hawk during winter last year, it wasn't as cold as this year but i was like "holy mother of cheese it's cold" i buzz the sides down to a zero now and yea i feel the cold. most definitely feel the cold.
but do u think hair spray or got to be glued would hold up?
cuz thats what i use. and my hawk is i dunno about 7 inches or so.
that is the combo i use, so it should work. it works for me. i just take a handful of hair, and lather on the got2bglued shit and use hairspray to hold it on, and it lasts me the day, even with everybody picking at it and such.
I made a hat with a slit in the middle, I had to wear my hair spiked, opposed to fanned, with it because if you don't pin it in the middle, it just slips off and you feel like a moron.
I'm a fan of ear muffs, or I'm willing to squish my hair under a loose toque or other hat for the sake of staying warm
i'm a huge beanie person and that's what i usually wear. yea i imagined u would probably have to pin it in the middle somehow.
What about rain?
from my experience mohawks don't do well in rain, or humidity.
if it rains i either don't put it up or i use an umbrella
Haha, that was the plan! i guess there really isnt anything we can do about.
haha yea. i usually don't put it up when it rains.
it's a pain caring an umbrella around
rain sucks. ive had mine spiked in the rain b4 and it sucks, or when you wear a hat, natrually, i am NOT a hat person lol
yeah rain always kills the hawk but i've been snow skiing in a full on white out with mine and it held up fine with g2b spray
as for the beanie i cut up one once and yeah you've got to pin it, but i didn't really like the look of it so i basically cut the whole top out of it and wore it like a thick ass head band, as long as your ears are covered you're good, since thats where most of the heat from your head escapes
oh cool. i was wondering about snow since it's frozen water and all. but it's good to know that a hawk can stand up to it.
i was thinking of just wearing earmuffs or something.


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