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i want to know, how do hawks fare in the snow? we don't ever get snow here, in el paso TX, but it snowed this morning and i'm not sure if putting my hawk up while it snows is a good idea, and for those of u who live in cold places, how do u keep your head from freezing?
any help would be mucho appreciated.

oh and has anyone tried to cut a slit in a beanie like heroin bob in slc punk? does it work?

well mondo thanks for any one who helps.

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well, i saw a (pretty hot, but she hates me to death) chick the other day with a short skirt on, and short sleeved shirts and she said she was hot (temperature wise lol) and wanted my spanish teacher to turn on the A/C. my teacher shook her head and ignored her dumb ass, anyway lol (this happened the first day back to school from being out for 2 days due to the ice and cold)

yeah, i LOVE to spike my mohawk in the snow. i agree with Alex Ng, when he said "prepare for HOLY SHIT ITS COLD" for the first few times out, but you will get used to it. on a cold, snowy day, put a bunch of hairspray in your mix of hair shit, and go out into the weather (head uncovered, obviously) and watch that shit freeze. if the temp is below freezing, it should be a quick process.

that extra "spike" in your body's energy feels great in the morning when all you wanna do is sleep
well i appreciate all the advice but unfortunately the snow lasted like 3 days and it's been in like the mid 50's since. really sucks cuz i like the snow and cold.
It snowed in Florida recently. :O

Not where I live D:
But I did have so borrow my friends ice scraper to get the hard frost off my car to get to school.


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