Mohawks Rock

Well' I've had a Mohawk for a month now, and I'm starting to get worried about damaging my hair'

I Started using a Biolage Conditioner' but I was wondering if you had something better in mind,

Also I need a good shampoo' I have Head and Shoulders but It's not that great to me and my Dry Hair

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I use hair mask to keep it somewhat healthy.
this is a good topic and I would also like to know of opinions on best things to use.

I have been using mane n tail for a few months but I read somewhere about the nature of how it interacts with your hair not being good if you have already fine hair...

so any of you salon type people...speak up and let us all know =)
My Hair isn't Fine but it's not thick either

I'm in the middle' W00T

I guess different people need different shampoo's and Conditioners..
you are that rare person with the great thickness for doing mohawks =)

Yeah I would think different people should use different it goes for almost anything but it would be nice to know which you need and how to establish that in the first place =) Reading bottles you get swarmed by all these terms of in the biz haha

I'll tell you what they need to clarify all of this...a pie chart! find where you fit in the pie chart and then choose the appropriate shampoo and conditioner. =) pie chart solves everything hahaha
actually, if you're not going anywhere, for 1 or 2 days, then i suggest you wash off all the shit you used on the hair and leave it the skin on your head and the hair have a tendency to be healthy in their own oils or whatever...
Buy a soft shampoo that you can use everyday like shauma kiwi or smth byt swatrzkopf...
let the hair heal naturally, why the hell use all these conditioners and bla bla...


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