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Sorry for my lack of knowledge on the whole emo thing,Im oldschool gen-x and when I was a teen you had your goth,punk and skaters,all had similarities but different.So what is an ''emo'' are they a cross between punk and goth? and why do people dislike them so much? I just want to be enlightened on this so I can have a decent opinion.

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emo can be compared shit on the ground compared to punk and goth its like the 'pussy' subculture who are either more concerned with there emotions or just plain fucking wank !
ok im think im beginning to understand ,,if your emo dont take offense im just trying to get this straight,,so its those wussy kids in make-up thats always complaining about shit and feel like the world is against them,does that sum it up..well if thats them I think its a stage they go through,,i dont know, are there any adult emo's or are they all teens?
my 28 year old cousin is emo
I'd like to add that the word "emo" gets thrown around a lot (normally as an insult). I imagine a lot of people with mohawks have been falsely accused of being "emo" more than once.

It's used a lot by "normal" people to describe anyone from an alternative subculture (pretty much taking the place of the word "mosher" or "greebo", but more insulting).
Ya everone is summin it up decent. Emo is a whineass goth with depression.

They do ware Tight ass jeans/
LMAO I think I get it now thankyou all,,and HEY I would like like to hear the emo's side too,,woah woah wait!,,ok one more question would an emo answer to being called a emo or do they get pissed off, lol ,just asking lol
its just a music genre that some guys have have put a clothing style to, and 'labelled' it. All starts with musiccc.

I hate that word so much. all the kids use it n shool years ago,And its so crinnngeyyyy
wiki it.

But Emo (Emotionally Hardcore Punk) started of as a break off into a new sub-genre of punk, back in the 80's (give or take a few years) and then it died down some and became a minority genre (for the lack of a better word), and was recently brought to the mainstream fashioncore idea of, darkened eyes, whining, cutting, sad, depressing music, etc, etc.
lmao you didnt have to say for lack of a better word I follow you lmao Im not the angry over sensitive blackman type lol,,Like oh oh you said minority so watcha trying to say,lmao I cant stand that type of blackdude myself,lol
on a lighter note,,IMAO,,,those nut crusher jeans thats what I call them,,lol I know exactly the kind you guys are talking about,also known in my town as birth control pants,,lol how the fuck can you skateboard in those it boggles me,,all the skate boarders back then im talking early to mid 90's wore those really huge flare leg pants.then they switched to a grunge style anlong with the backpacker look,who started that nut crusher jean shit??
LMAO!! nut crushers/birth control pants, love it... reminds me of my mom thinking crotch rockets were called crotch pounders, oh my brain skips about to random things just to make me giggle
lmao crotch pounders,,oh and my brain dont skip it jumps in circles lol i know what you mean,lol thats what my risperdal and concerta is for,lol


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