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This is the shop i work for in Aberdeen. Just newly open but were doing pretty well. Our aim was to really try and get the punk scene a bit wider spread. We mod up leathers, Denims and anything really that can be done up to look great. Give our website a look and let me know if you think theres anything we can do to make our shop even better.

We started out doing gigs before opening the shop which we havnt done in a while but are starting again soon, we have been pretty successful and got some big named bands to play such as Uk Subs. Which aint bad for amatures.

But back to the shop buying and selling our stock cheap is our aim cos what punk can afford expensive stuff lol. But if you know any good websites that sell alternative clothes on wholesale then get back to me it would be a big help.

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looks decent so far. Best of luck in your endeavor =)
Looks awesomes...wish i lived in the UK to check it out sometime.

Love the chaos cross in your logo btw...I have a chaos cross tattooed on my back, and was starting to think no one else knew what it was because i had to explain it everytime someone saw it lol
cheers guys. well any thoughts of how we can promote better stuff or even ideas on modding up certain clothes would be good.

yeah i love the cross, my mate who owns the shop has 'chaos creations' and the star tattood on his arm, tis a nice cross wouldnt mind one tattood somewhere.
pic of some of my tatts with the cross
Nice. I only got one tattoo which i got when i was 12. just a tribal design my sister drew when she was bored lol.
My brother has a chaos symbol tattoo on his arm. He even made the gun himself and had his friend do it for him. He definitely definitely some scar tissue from the complete amateur job, but given that its a chaos symbol it really almost makes it better.

Cool to see you guys have a sight up and running. If I'm ever back in London, I'll definitely have to stop by and check out the store.

For your site, I think you may want to pictures of the pants on a white background so that they stand out better in the photos. Having them on a criss cross background rack with posters in the background really distracts from the eye and makes it hard to see how intricately done the pants really are.

Also, you may want to take pictures of people wearing the clothes as well, even upload the photos on here and put in the title "Pants by Chaos Creations" or something.

I like that you have branched out with MySpace and Bebo, additionally, you can start a group on here for Chaos Creations. It will give you an area to showcase your work, and you should have the ability to email anyone who joins the group if you say have an event going on. Another group we should have on here is London Mohawks or something as well, to group together people from London with 'hawks.

Good luck with your endeavor, looks like you guys have a great start. I cant wait for my next trip over to London and check out the scene over there. Last time I think I was in the wrong part of town being the only one rocking a giant mohawk, even though I had a great time evidenced by my few pictures from being over there.

London Bridges Falling Down Pictures on from March 2008.


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