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Im guessing no-one is hardcore conservative but ive met many mohawk wearers who I would say were quite conservative..........

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guess wat im 15 again theres nothing i can about it till im 18 i have better things to worry about rite now i feel i should just be a teenager rite now
Hopefully those 'better things' include your education, what kind of career you want, and what you want to be doing 10 years from now. I had my career plan set by 8th grade and tailored my courses to that goal. Did I have fun as a teen? Sure. I balanced academics, social activities, athletics, and political involvement. I had goals and aspirations and worked very hard to reach them. I may not have reached all of them, but it has been a fun ride so far, and it is far from over.....
they deffinetly include my education i plan to go into filming /animation/special effects 4 movies not sure which though...politics bore me sorry, until i get a paycheck and and pay rent i will care there is certian things i care about in politics but nothing important really.

Some odd mix of anarchist and what I know about marxism (which, I wont lie, isnt much). I dunno. I dont even know what half the catagories of parties are these days.

A bit of a nihilist but I'll be realistic and say socialist-ish.

I grew up republican, I'm registered republican but I'd say I'm actually Libertarian,

Tribal anarchist. I'm one of those violent hippies. Anonymous yo! We are the 99%

To answer this, i need to divert my theoretical Opinions and the real possibilities. I would love to see that humanity is able to handle total freedom and anarchy. I realy think that this is the only way that human beings can live together on freedom, peace and love. But humans arent ready for this i think. I just got beaten out of a train by ~ 20/30 neo-fascist after there was a demonstration by ~4000 fascist in Cologne,Germany, just because we had colored hair. And this isnt just a small phenomen, this is a huge problem over here in Germany. Two days ago, a nazi tried to stab an antifascist punk with a knife. In my opinion, you need to fight against every fascist, right-wing, reactiv, conservativ or any other bullshit and, if i watch germany, there is no other movement then the far-far-left movement, communists or anarchist, who are willing and able to do so. The german gouverment is total bullshit and does nothing effectiv against those nazi-basterds, just blabla. (excuse me for my englsih skills, im realy bad at other languages ;D )

I'm a political. I form my own views on stuff. I'm not going to stick to a manifesto a live my life by it and let someone else do my thinking for me. Few thing's for sure are that I'm against the state, and unnatural authority, so I guess I could be called an anarchist, how ever I don't believe in adjective anarchism like "Anarcho-Communism" or "Anarcho-Capitalism". I'm just an anarchist, against the state, I'll make up my mind on other things using common sense.

I strongly believe in preservation of our earth and natural environment, I'm very against globalisation, capitalism, I agree with some communist principals but definitely not all.

The Nazis sucked and they're modern forms are just as bad. But they did have cool uniforms.

Im leave me the hell alone. what ever side can do that is okay in my book.


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