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should i dye my hair before i get the mohawk or after???
if i dye it before then after my hair gets cut and gelled up or waxed up it`ll be coloured aswell nd look awesome .....but if i dye it after i get it cut i`ll have to ungell it and then regell it which the hairdresser done for me so what should i do?????

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thanks for the addvice dude!!:D:D:D
I've only ever done temporary hair color, but I imagine dying it first would work best.
i would dye it after so that you have more dye to use for touch ups and you arent wasting it. you dont have to dye it right after you get the hawk.
dying it first is actually better for your hair, though it really doesnt matter since your doing damage anyways. i always do it after so i use less of my dye... shits expensive
Cassy and CorpseQueen echo my belief as well. Your hair will actually probably be cut when its not spiked anyway so dying your whole head would make no sense though i suppose you could dye the stripe and then cut the non colored that case it doesn't really matter much just make sure you dont fuck up the line =p
actually another thing you can do is just bring your dye to your hairdresser and have them put in for you after they cut your hair..but of course.. then you gotta pay for it, ha.
you do know that the dying isnt what damages your hair right? its the bleaching, and if your picture is what your natural hair color is, and you plan on going darker, you wont need to bleach it. just thought id tell you:)


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