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I'm kind of scared to get a mohawk because what if I decide I don't like it? I'm already being a wimp by leaving an inch on the sides and bangs. I'm not afraid of criticism, I'm just afraid I won't like it and my hair takes forever to grow back. I'm also going back to school very soon and im not sure that i can have it up and what if it looks dumb when its down? What will be the point then?
I overthink things way too much.

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cant wait to see it! i usually wear a bandana when i have my hair down, maybe that would work for you?
it would if i was allowed to wear bandanas to school.
stupid gangsters.
oh i have pics up now, theyre on my page.
i can never figure out how to get them from my computer to these things without a url.
oh well its just a couple of extra clicks:)
Well it's looking pretty cool thus far. Glad to see you went with it, too. Hope to see lots more pictures later on in time
ooh i just dyed it blue has so many variants in it and i love it. my favorite dye job yet.
well, i could never shave mine off, its been 5 an a half years near enough an even though i think about it sometimes theres just no way
its easier to grow a normal hair cut back in than grow a moey so just do it properly
thanks alot! im not sure if its long enough to do pigtails, and ive figured out a few that are working, just need to get a couple clips that are decent colors. more pictures on the way!
ah.. yes.. the shortest mine was in those pictures was prob somewhere between 10-12 inches and that would be while it was pink.. while it was blue/green it was 12-13
mines like four inches, mostly because of school and my hair wasnt all the same length, about six inches at the longest. maybe ill decide to keep it long enough to get it pretty big.
ah, yeah.. not much you can do with that haha.. ive recently grown my hawk out from a chelsea so for a few months i looked like a total ass :P


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