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has anyone ever noticed that its almost always little kids and old ladies that compliment on "different" hair? when half of my hair was hot pink i went to walmart and i had six old ladies(the type who are super sweet and always makes cookies sort)comment on it. does anybody else have this happen or is it just me?

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I had this happen when I wore bright orange wig. My theory is that those old ladies were wild too once, its just what was considered "wild" when they were young isn't a big deal now, so they seem perfectly normal.
happens often =)

to counter balance this story I will share a negative though really fucking funny story. Walking through my town with a blue mohawk, my typical attire etc and walk past this old lady that literally looked in disgust and in the worst possible tone called me a freak!

I laughed
i adore the little old ladys who love my hair! :P they always stop me to ask questions or compliment me, i usually just wanna hug them haha. as for the kids, they mostly stare in fear and hide behind mommy..


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