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Just thought I'd post a list for the top 10 cities worldwide that visited the site in the last 3 months from May 15 - August 14th.

  • 10) San Antonio, USA
  • 9) Minneapolis, USA
  • 8) Maastricht, The Netherlands
  • 7) West Hollywood, USA
  • 6) Montreal, Canada
  • 6) Wavre, Belgium
  • 4) Nanaimo, Canada

Anyone want to take a guess at the top 3 before I reveal them?

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Well....I would probably say not Washington D.C since the music scene here sucks and is quite anti-cool to be any type of mohawk music.

If i had to guess:
3: Ontario, Canada
2: Baltimore, MD
1: London, UK

Come on big money!
suprised minneapolis made the list. Wouldnt figure a lot of peopel from MN look on here, lol.
3) Brooklyn, USA

2) Atlanta, USA

1) London, UK

Atlanta is where I'm from and where the initial buzz for the site started, so I guess its good to see the site sprouting out from its roots and even overseas as London has just recently passed Atlanta. Similarly, California and New York passed Georgia on the US states, category.
Mirazh, at least you picked London #1, that was a good job.


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