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Mohawks And Dating (or perhaps "The Mohawk Mating Call")

Hey gang!

Just wondering people's experiences or thoughts as they relate to mohawks and dating/relationships... Some possible questions to mull over for this thread:

* If you're dating someone, do they have a mohawk as well? What do they think of yours? Was a mohawk at all influential in meeting the person you are with?
* If you're single, do you find a mohawk to be something very attractive in others? If you're rocking a 'hawk now, is it something you'd hope someone else would find extremely attractive about YOU?
* Any fun or interesting experiences you've had regarding dating and mohawks?

As for my own replies to the above, I'm currently single and currently rocking a ~7" fan which I'm hoping to keep growing out. I have to admit that (on the right person) I find a mohawk amazingly damn sexy, and it's definitely something I'd be likely to go up to said person and start a conversation about to break the ice.

Besides simply enjoying the fun that is rocking my own hawk, I admit that I hope it's something someone else would find attractive about me - or at very least something visually unique that singles me out as someone interesting. (Makes it harder to get lost in the crowd as it were, and also tends to help filter out the judgmental idiots you'd not want to talk to anyway, let alone ever consider hitting on!)

Personally, I think that while the criteria you date someone on should surely be a lot deeper than simple outward appearances, I think there's nothing wrong with a screaming uniqueness to help attract the attention of other cool, open-minded people! :D

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thats the spirit!!
i have a hawk and guys are interested in me, i would NEVER give up my hawk for a guy, i think they are very attractive on guys but thats not what im all about.
The guy I'm dating does not have a hawk, but hopes to get one soon. He loves my mohawk. No, it did not help me meet him. I think it was the fact I was wearing my Misfits jacket. He loves the Mistfits and decided I wasn't the same as everyone else. I find it extreamly attractive on guys, I have no idea what people think of mine, but I like it :)

I met a guy on (gasp!!) and he also has one, but is growing it out due to his job... I'm sad. He personally digs it on me. And loves the safety orange color. He found me by a fluke that he had just changed his location to closer to mine (he's moving back up here to be with family in PA) and I had updated my profile (we both have a thing for zombies and HP Lovecraft). He wrote me asking about how the zombie hunting was going and ever since we've been talking.  As the OP said, my hair did help him spot me out as a girl who is more his speed. 


Now would I date someone with a mohawk?: Yes. We can even having shaving & color dates. I think it'd be cute! 


He's cutting his hair again!!! And I get to do it and for school credit. I love being a hairdresser!!!


We'll be orange (mine) and green (his).


I can't wait. As you know, mohawk love is the most pure type of love. (haha.. just a little joke)

I have a hawk and my boyfriend used to have  a hawk I Love him alot  and the hawk isnt what i really care about  but it is a very big turn on :)   


Im rocking a 12 1/2 hawk right now and my bf had to cut his to get a job.  He had his since he was 12 and after i got with him and i always wanted one. A chick i knew with a hawk though is the one who finally convinced me and the next day i had one. 


I find it attractive on guys and girls especially  but  its not the soul thing that i look for its just an initial attraction. 


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