Mohawks Rock

So i just recently shaved my hair into a mohawk,i had it as kind of a fauxhawk i guess you could say,before.i fanned it and everything though.

How long have you had yours?
and how long do you plan on keeping it?

i dont know about you but im going to rock this till im at least 25

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I've had mine since Labor Day...5 days ago.

and uhhh...I'm 25...does this make me old or something?
I'm twice your age. In my mind, you're still a young adult....
no i was just putting an age out there,its not old.
I've had mine for several years. BTW, I'm 50 y/o.
haha ok good...bc I never want to be "old"!

Who knows, I could be 50 and still rockin the hawk! that would rule :)
ha dude you guys are rad,i think im convinced to never get rid of it.
i dont think you can be too old to rock a mohawk.
unfortunately my bf cant...he's in his 30s and has premature balding. Sucks for him. :-/
Perhaps he could wear a mohawk wig....
ive had my mohawk for probly 3 or 4 years now maybe almost 5 by now im not sure. i plan on keeping it til im dead
I plan on keeping mine at least that long.
I got mine for my 29th birthday and am 30 now. That does sound old on here, but I still love having fun and acting young.
Me, too. I act more like a 30 y/o. Thinks it keeps me young.


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