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opinions on fauxhawks?

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fauxhawks are lame on david beckham yes, and tryhards, yes, but on someone considering a mohawk, and seing how it would go, or having thin as hair and needing all the hair u can get towards it lol.
but these days with rihanna and all her followers taking the clippers to their heads..its not really a sign of being badass any more...
I had a fauxhawk for a few months before I left school and shaved the sides. It looked pretty dumb, but it was as close as I could get without being kicked out of school before my exams.
tbenji from good charlotte had a faux hwak..he shouldve kept his spikes though..he inspired me to spiuke my hair
thum shits is wack yo
I agree, I can't believe I ever had one, though it was just until I finished school so I didn't get kicked out.
My brother has one and it makes me want to punch him in the face and puke on it.
He looks fucking retarded with it, and he's like most of the people who have one. A douchebag.
The funny part is, he makes fun of my hair...

On the other hand a few of my friends (and even some dads) have them too, but they look good and they aren't assholes. And they aren't too wimpy to get a mohawk, they just like the way it looks on them, and I do too. (Y)
hey right now imrocking a faux but thats only cause i am on the hunt for a job again and no longer have my wig to cover a hawk at work, so until i find a job, and can afford a wig im SOL when it comes to re shaving the sides
Personally it doesn't bother me,,maybe they are afraid of the awesome criticism we all get sometimes lol or maybe their parents wont let em so they sneak and gel up their hair in the school bathroom,lol


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