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I suppose punkrock is a obvious answer, but in addition to that?
Or mayby any special band?

My favourite genres is death metal, grindcore/goregrind and what we in sweden call "käng" (d-beat/hardcorepunk).

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Sick riffs, Dope lyrics, and attitude

but watch out i swing!

im mostly into Industrial based music.. but i do like metal just the same... swedish metal, prog metal, industrial metal..
um alternitive punk some metal and some poppunk most the punk and metal stuff is old like ozzy and ramones and stuff

My favorite music genre is Dubstep. My favorite Band is Green Day.

1. Green Day

2. Nirvana

3. Blood on the Dance Floor

4. System of a Down

5. The White Stripes.

I also enjoy Eminem and Marilyn Manson.

Lately I've been really getting into classic Deathrock and Horrorpunk with some Hardcore and Oi! thrown in for good measure. But the genre dearest to my heart is Psychobilly.
i usually listen to all types of metal and hxc music but i listen to other genres like rap,techno,punkrock,screamo,pop,,  i love lady gaga and i love i set my friends on fire :)
Folk punk :) I just like the jumble of different acoustic instruments. Also, do you know Tom Waits? He's pretty much my hero.
I love music! I do get into the occasional little mood where i will listen to one album on repeat for months at a time ( ive done it with the distillers, slipknot, tiger army, and straight line stitch) but for the most part i have my player on random and it can range from classical, to swing,  blues, artists like sinatra, dean martin, peggy lee, newer stuff in most all genres: metallica, stray cats, aaliyah, the jacksons, a7x, NIN. i love industrial, and more recently dubstep. of course punk rock from the old school to newer stuff. classic rock like clapton and zeppelin, sabbath. the list could really go on and on...haha my most favorite bands have a horror theme to them. (wednesday 13 and Nekromantix among

im into industrial and black metal

even tho im 12 im into the old stuff ie. ramones clash ac/dc nirvana that kinda stuff
Hmhmmmm....All sorts oh shit.........allmost everything...... Folk music.......especially folk-metal/punk.....Also I have fallen i love with dubstep......ska.....skapunk......all kinds of stuff (:


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