Mohawks Rock

And do they have mohawks too? :D
Anyway, my two roommates and I have (between us) 8 kittens (6 are fosters), 3 rabbits, and one hamster. Kittens and buns will show up in photos of me here and there. :)

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My two schnauzers claim me as their human.
I miss having a tank. I kept cichlids for about a year but then I had to move. :(
I have a cat...her name is Dot and she is calico and she is awesome.

My apartment complex has a limit of one pet so until I get a new place, I cant get a bearded dragon, tortoise, or bunnies =(
i have three dogs, a cat, 5 kittens (used to be 8 but daddy makes me give them away D:), 2 rats, and a ball python
updated: 4 dogs, 2 cats, 1 kitten, 3 goldfish, a bunny, a chicken, 3 chicks, and a ball python..
updated..again: 5 dogs, 1 cat, 3 goldfish, 4 chickens, and a ball python..
i have a fatass black cat named binx[after the cat on hocus pocus]
and he had long hair but it was getting sort of matted so i gave him a mohawk
I have too many...
Three dogs, two cats, two birds, one gecko.
I take care of the dogs and cats, and hubby takes care of the birds/gecko
Those, on top of a baby and hubby are way too much for me!!! :( I wish I could teach them to take care of themselves!
i have 2 cats at my dad's house. their names are Shelly & Buddy.
my mom has 5 cats. their names are: Brownie, Muffin, Sage, Pepper, & Sugar Lily. (the last two are female)

so i guess you could say i'm a cat lover...LoL
I have a sweet little kitty - named Crackerman *after the Stone Temple Pilots song*
i have three dogs, one which we rescued from downtown here. and three cats, two which are twins who we got from the humaine society, and another named fat-cat that my friend heather found & named. =P
BTW, my two schnauzers (AKC pedigreed, no less) were rescue pups. I got them a bit young (at 6 weeks), but I've had schnauzers most of my life, so they let me take them at that age.
Schnauzers are very loyal, affectionate, excellent watchdogs, and good hunters (they were bred to control rodents in barns in Germany). Sometimes they're too smart for their own good..... :).


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