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Well, Ive had my mohawk for a month and a half or so and Im loving it. I have some worries though.

I spiked it up as soon as it was high enough to stay up. I have very thick/wavy hair so its hard to stand up. When I first spiked it up I noticed no gaps in my hair. But a month and a half later, it has grown, but I notice some gaps in my mohawk. Could my hair possibly be thinning already from the punishment its been taking? I doubted this just because of how thick and strong my hair is, but I guess its a possibility. (btw, I DO NOT use knox, I only use got2b glue and freeze spray).

I also noticed that the tips of my mohawk curl back (imagine sonic the hedgehog). I dont purposely do this, it just naturally happens. And I thought this could also be the cause of the gaps, because when it was short the tips were incapable of curling and no gaps were visible.

Damaged hair or not, this makes me realize that I need to take care of my hair. I dont want to grow a 5inch mohawk and have it thin out on me. It has become a piece of me and I need to preserve it the best I can. So In addition to the question above, how can I take care of my hair so A. It will continue to grow healthy, and B. It doesnt thin on me.

Also, I heard a rumor that once you start spiking the hair, your hair will no longer grow, or if it does, at a very slow rate. Is there any truth to this? because it would suck if I couldnt spike it till it gets to the length I want. Thanks and keep rockin it


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I haven't noticed any slowing of growth due to spiking.....

Congrats. And I feel the same way, my 'hawk is part of me. I'm hoping for a 6 inch 'hawk, halfway there.
i've never had a problem with got2b damaging my hair. try using a comb to pull the hawk up and blowdry it. i have thick and wavy hair too and when i had a long hawk the only way i could get it to not be gappy was also flat ironing it before. the comb works wonders. youll figure it out! it takes practice.
Well I worried about this too and the answer to your question

I only put my Mohawk up on the Weekends, so my hair growth doesn't stunt..
The answer to your questions, is how often do you put up your Mohawk?

I only put my Mohawk up on the weekends..

But I suppose if you spiked it like all the time, and didn't give it a few days in-between spiking.. Then your hair growth could be slightly stunted'

Also, your hair is most likely fine' =p

If your twisting and turning in bed over this issue about your hair getting thinner, then I suggest only putting it up on Weekends and important days that you plan on going out and doing stuff lol

Also when you take a shower, everytime you put your head under the water turn it to Cold then turn it back to warm when your done.. supposedly it's better for your hair and makes it grow a little faster, I don't know if it's true but anything that might help'
ive had the same worries same problems.
its stupid.
and it sucks.
cus nobody wants their hair to fall out.
but simple solutions to this.
1.dont shampoo the hairspray out,condition it out and use cold water to rinse it.
2.dont comb your hair when its wet.
3.avoid leaving the hairspray in for more than 2 days.

it will help a little.
ive had my mohawk for like 3 weeks,but ive colored it for about 3 years before i completeley went to a i can relate to the damage problems...
I've had very little problem with thinning or growing hair. Granted I have pretty thick hair that tends to grow fast in the first place.

However, I still do try to always use conditioner. I stick to mainly got2b hairspray and a blowdryer. Elmers glue I used once and saw a significant amount of hair loss. 4 days is the max that I'll leave it up, and I give it a few days in between, usually spiking it for the weekend or events. Its kind of a trade-off at this size. Don't always have an hour just for hair.

I've also heard you should use a broader toothed comb for combing your hair vs. a smaller brush. Using condiitioner and cold water to get it out are new tips that I'll work into the routine.

Oh! and even though I can't break the habit, you are supposed to kind of pat dry down your hair gently instead of doing the typical guy thing where you just rub the towel all randomly over your head.

In addition, I once heard in a Christopher Walken interview that he pulls on his hair daily, supposedly just to keep the roots strong and to prevent balding. Its Christopher Walken, who knows if he's crazy or right, but I'd just as soon have him on my side of the argument.
im my expierence the longer your hawk is the more gaps your gonna have.. when my hair was 4-5 inches long i have no gaps at all.. now thats its 7 i have a few gaps..back when i had one that was 12-13 i had quite a few gaps. i think it has more to do with the length and how you adjust your method of putting it up as it gets longer then it does with the health of your hair. a straightening iron should help get rid of your tips curling..

annnnd ill spare everyone by not posting my long list of hair care tips yet again.. just take a peek at this thread for that


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