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Does anyone else's computer act like a bitch while loading this site? Everytime I visit here my computer seems to get stalled for a few moments with all the pics and videos on here. I have a 6 yr old lap top which has gotten slow over time so maybe it's just me?

I was wondering if there was a way I could hide the videos while viewing the site? That seems to be the main problem.

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i have dial-up and an old shitty laptop as well, so my internet is a slow piece of shit anyway but i do have a problem loading peoples pages to comment them because of the videos but the site in general works great for me
I have the same problem, but there is just so much that has to load on these pages, so ofcourse it's going to take forever.
oh ok, well good to know it isn't just me with this problem ;)
I did do some work a few weeks ago to the homepage, just to limit the bandwidth caused by many videos and other resources. Those got moved into the "about" section.

As cyanide said, I mentioned during our chat on Thursday, there should be a new update out middle of this week. Not sure how much it will increase speed, but supposedly there will be a version for your mobile phone.

I'll let the everyone know when it comes out, but the mobile version might be a great way to run the network faster on an older laptop or dial-up, since I imagine it will cut out on videos and larger images.
A bit late seeing this. You could try Google's new internet browser, called Chrome - which is (usually) very fast to use generally:

Then use that instead of Internet Explorer to surf the web.
It's just my crappy ass computer at home. I'm using my aunt's new computer and everything is loading quickly. Blah....


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