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I thought we should all get to know each other here, maybe get more members in the group and on the network. Maybe we should even have a meet-up.

I'm Eloise/El/Ellie/Elliebee, I'm 16, and I live in in Norwich, England.

Your turn.

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hi, i'm Becki, 16 (urgggh), and live in the merry shithole infested by many chavs, Leicester (whoop!)

A big meetup sounds grand, apart from the fact we all live so far apart from each other.
leicester is pretty shit, its good if your chavvy or plastic but not so good for alternatives, the music scene is dying off slowly
Greg 40 yrs old fuck me I think u lot can call me grandad of the group lol
Hope u all is well.
Live in london

well i must be great grandad lol

eew.. northerners.
20 from workington in cumbria up north theres only one other person in my town with a hawk

its chav infested aswel.

any of u guys got msn?

add me if u want

[email protected]
James, 26 new arrival to Birmingham :)
Mike, 20 from High Wycombe (right next to london) lol few mates with mohawks here so thats awesome
Hey, I'm Tok, 23 from Kent/London!
Hey everyone :)

Im Sharon, 21 from the city of steel- Sheffield in South Yorkshire

Just waiting for my hair to grow a bit more so I can get my mohawk >./body>
killian 17
i live in chav central hackney i havent seen a single other person with a mohawk cool thing its kinda close to camden
I dont know how to add a comment so i just clicked reply sorrt killian, Im Craig, I Am 17, from wokingham in berkshire


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