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I thought we should all get to know each other here, maybe get more members in the group and on the network. Maybe we should even have a meet-up.

I'm Eloise/El/Ellie/Elliebee, I'm 16, and I live in in Norwich, England.

Your turn.

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bigging it up for peterborough!!! the arsehole of england. 24 going on 50 there are a few punks here somewhere but i spend most me time at work i think they all moved and forgot to tell me
Pauly... 26... Isle of Man, so I'm not going to any meet up...

Hey, I'm Mike and I'm 17 for the next couple of months. I live in Surrey.
I like the meet-up idea, by the way.
36, and i live in Texas
I'm Rex, Im 22, I live in carlisle (north west o england) , joy lol.


im bendy im as old as i need to be i live in browntown in england in a council house punk and disorderly good anarchy good

queen bad camron ORANGE eugh clegg lil bitch :D i enjoy cannibiss its veryy good XD

hav a good day 


sorry i didnt realize quite how high i was :P


Hi im Al and im 45 ish years old new and live in east london  i think a meet up in camden is a great idea may even be able to put some of you up for the night cheers.....

Hey I;m Sam, Eighteen years old.

Live in the good 'ol(kinda-ish) USA, Idaho to be exact.

Small town, people out numbered by livestock kinda town.

Only hawk in my town and towns closest.

I'm a drinker im a smoke, im a gamer, im up for anything mostly.

Hey im Sesh, im 18 :)

And i come from the shithold that is known as brighton (Y) ¬_¬

thought I'd weigh in as I'm new to the site: Tom, I'm 19 and from sunny (shitty) Southend.  There's definitely a few punks around here, but I've yet to find them...

The name's Extreme; Alextreme. but noone actually calls me that unfortunatley so it's actually just Alex.

I'm from around Cambridge, confidently walking through the streets with my 7Incher thinking I was the boss when I saw a pair of Foot long Liberty spikes AND a Spartan hawk walking the other side of the road. Seen em twice and not for 6 months or so now but if anyone knows them or they see this post I LOVE YOU!!


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