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Hey, im thinking about a hawk.
some things on the mind....

1). not sure if im ready for the jump
2) when you got one, how did you style it when its not up?
3) what are guys opinions on them?


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I'd love to get a mohawk, but last year I chopped off a lot of my hair and it really didn't suit me, so I grew it back to this style. I want to give it another go but if it doesn't suit me I'll have the horrible months waiting for it to grow again, what to do what to do...
just get a good wig just in case ya know.
I might put it up in a faux hawk and see if it suits me without big spikey hair before i buy a wig haha :D
haha yeah that works XP
Thinking about getting the old hawk back next hair chop time. a nice girly one.
Gota let it grow though,as hairs pretty short.
With me?

take it easy x
mine is pretty much alway up, but i dont fan it it"s more of a death hawk i guess. when i dont put it up though i usually do one victory roll like thing in the front and either fan the back or leave it flat. as for guys, my husband loves it, and all the other guys i know think it looks good.
1. yeah you gotta be a bit motivated. depends how long your hair is at first but thats why i got mine in the summer. it feels realllly good to get short hair in the summer.

2.i put my bangs to the side. and just the whole hawk on the right side of my head. haha

3.they think their hot. haha idk depends on the guy
I have a Mohawk

1) GO FOR IT. If you really hate it then it'll grow back, but there's many ways to wear a hawk. Sort, long, spiked, fanned. It's really awesome having one. I felt amazing after I  shaved my sides.

2) I just flip it to one side. But I'm growing mine out really long because I cant get hairspray from the corner store and I don't have a car, So, I'd be wearing it down pretty much all the time. It looks really good both up and down.

3) They look AWESOME

when i dont have mine up i do all sorts of shit to it, crimp it, french braid it, pigtails, ponytail, curl it, pin it back, straighten it, you have tons of options.





My hair has just recently gotten long enough again to do a bi of a top-knot deal with it. I usually pull it up into a top-knot and leave a bit of bang at the front. All in all, I don't regret it a bit.


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