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Hey, im thinking about a hawk.
some things on the mind....

1). not sure if im ready for the jump
2) when you got one, how did you style it when its not up?
3) what are guys opinions on them?


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when ive not got mine up i shove on a cap or a beanie, which is most of the time atm while its in rehab for too much hair spray lol! Its always kinda swept to the left of the front of my face with a rat tail sticking out the back of the cap, think recent keith flint of the prodigy ;)
go for it, i think girls with mohawks(if they wear it right) are really sexy lol i wish my gf had a hawk too

1.) For me i made the change before i was 10 yrs old and now at 18 i have not ceased to be un-entertained by the possibilities. Made my mum mad since i had hair that was over 3' long and i have been dying my hair for a little bit longer. I will NEVER go back. But it depends on you and what you feel like you want. For me my change was influenced by the fact that my mum grew up in L.A. when punk bands where highly loved and found everywhere and when raising us up we listened to punk music or german industrial and russian folk since my grandpa is german and my grandma russian c:


2.) when my mohawk is not up i either pull it back into a pony tail, curl it, add extensions to create a normal layered look, or i go for the pin-up style with curled bangs and victory curls there are MANY ways depending on the length to style a mohawk.


3.) Depends on where you are because in Washington you'd find that most guys adore a good mohawk because... in the area im in within the state theres barely anyone who has a proper mohawk. Most are faux.


 1- I don't think most people are at first. It would help if there is a support system at hand. i.e. people who will stick up for you despite your unconventional haircut.


 2- Let it lay flat. even tuck it inside a hat.


 3- I think women look cuter with short short hair as it is, a mohawk isnt a far leap to me. Most of the time though, most I meet with those kinds of haircuts tend to be.... lesbian... Or i'm playing my cards wrong ...yeah...


1. don't worry... if you don't like it, your hair is going to grow up again

2. take a look at my pics... it's pretty basic

3. not all the kinds of guys like it... but if you want a mohawk, it means you use to go out with the type of guys that would like it...

you only live once so go for i

and girls with hawks are fuckin hot!!!


Just do it hair grows back anyway!

The feeling you get after getting one is priceless!

I usually leave it down brush it to the side so one side can show or

I tease it!

1) Say eff it! You only live once ;) Besides, how many girls can say they had a Mohawk? I got a hawk because I lost a bet. If I didn't like it I would have just shaved my whole head and got a quality wig. No biggie. Hair grows back! But I love it and I'm sure you will too. P.S. It took a over a week to get use to it and I get cold a hell lot easier!


2) I've had mine for half a year now and I've probably gone out twice without it spiked. You can easily lay it down to one side though


3) Guys LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!  I was afraid it would be to masculine looking or that I was a lesbian (which I'm not) but I probably get hit on more now LOL Gotta rock the hawk with confidence!  It's not just a hairstyle, it's a statement <3  Post a pic if you get it done! Hope you do :)

I'm genderqueer, so I don't think anything is designated to either the female sex or male sex. Just be who you are :)
And you shouldn't base everything on what guys will think of it. Just be yourself, if someone doesn't like it, they aren't worth it. A guy (or girl) who likes you for who you are it all you need :)

1. If you want it then DO IT. its JUST hair. I PROMISE you it will grow back if you dont like it. 


2. i just push it all to one side, and it looks like i have a short hair cut. Hats are also pretty awesome, especially if they are silly looking. 


3. Honestly, they either love it or hate it. There's not much of a middle ground, but if a guy wont date you because of your HAIR CUT... then he's not much of a keeper then is he? He probably didnt care too much about you to begin with, so ditch'em. 

1) I just got my Grandmother to cut mine in MONTHs ago. and it was epic. don't sweat it. it is great once it is in and the breeze is foooking faaaaantastic if you ask me.

2) tie it up in a wee bun (1st pic ) or brush it over to the side(2nd pic add a little product for a messy-just-outta-bed look. 

3) I saw a guy friend yesterday with mine up and he loved it. =) and who cares what guys think it is at the end of the day YOUR hair and you can do as you fuckin' well please with it, right? 

and even when it is down the "peach fluff just shaven" feeeling is fuckin' A. 

Go For IT. 


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