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This is the part where you simply introduce yourself to whoever decides to join up! So lets get started!

Hola, I am Nich. My real name is Nicholas Roditcher and I have been into body modification since I was 15. I received my first tattoo at the age of 18 and ever since then I have been hooked on the idea of getting into the industry. So I decided to search for an apprenticeship. I am happy to say that I have found one and have been sticking with it for the longest time. I'm six months in and have two and a half more years to go before I am a professional. It was a lot of work and waiting for the right moment but it happened and I couldn't be happier.

Anything else you wish to know about me, feel free to message me.

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hey! name is kym, but i go by squirrel.
i've been getting tattooed since i was 22 and now i'm 28, so far 25 and counting!
i draw all my own work for my tattoos and travis (who i have been going to for 9 yrs now) is the one that makes em look pretty!
I'm Rob. That is all.
You sure do like details, don't you?
I'm harper, i have... *counts* 14 piercings including ears
industrial, cartlage, 5 lobe ring thingies, 5 eyebrows and those snake bites
Hello there. I'm Erica, 17 and from Chicago. I've been into piercings since forever I guess. When I was little everytime I went to get my ears done professionally they always got infected until I finally did it myself and everything has been fine. Got my first facial piercings at 15 and have loved them since then. My parents have always been very openminded when it comes to different aesthetics in general and I find myself very thankful for my lot everyday :)
Howdy. I'm Jenni. I've been pierced around 23 time or so over various portions of my body since I was around 15 (I'm 27 now.) I took stuff out and re-pierced them a couple times while I did martial arts, and now I'm sensitive to metal and only keep my eyebrow and helix rings in :(

On the bright side I have no problem with ink, so I'm accumulating tattoos now. I got my first 2 on the same day when I turned 18 and when I went in for touch ups I got another, haha. Since then I've only added 3 more, but they've gotten a lot bigger. Right now I'm working on a half sleeve on my left arm.
I'm Liberty...17 now. I lucked out and happened to have several friends that became tattoo artists or were tight with some. Got my first tattoo of ten so far and counting when I was 16 which was a bloodsplatter shaped like a hawk that I drew on my wrist in class and decided to have a friend do that night. Just got my wasted youth tattoo and I'm getting my 'Stand Strong, Stand Proud' one done across my back next week. First piercings were the four in each ear when I was 13 and then the labret, snake bites, and two rings next to each other on one side of the lip when I was 15. Wanted to see my mother's reaction to it so I talked to here for 20 minutes after doing it. She noticed a week later and flipped out then.
I'm planning on becoming a luthier, learning how to build guitars, and then when I come back I have a friend that's going to teach me to tattoo. And thus ends this merry tale....
Hi I'm Dave i just my 1st tat few days ago cant wait to get more. I got the Riverdales 27 logo on my ankle it's not much but it's a start right?
I'm Megan. I was an apprentice piercer at a tattoo shop 3 years ago and absolutely fell in love with my job. Unfortunately the owner had to close shop and move so I never got to finish my apprenticeship, but he's always emailing me and updating where he is in the world and asking me to move to where ever he is and work shop. Eventually I will join him again and finish my training and hopefully branch into tattooing.
hai my name is twiggy and i have loved body mods since i figured out what they were ^_^ ive had a few pircings here and there and attend tattoo conventions when there in town and have been trying to get a piercing apprenticeship for awhile now with no luck :( but i just moved to Georgia and i am hoping to have more luck finding one here :D
Hey, I'm Liz, but call me Vlad. I only have 16 gg (just started stretching them) earlobes done because of my parents right now, but in a couple years (16, I'm 14 now) I'm going to be allowed to get other piercings and whatnot as long as I pay for them (gah)... I've liked body modification since I was about 6... I always thought they looked really cool and people must've been pretty brave to make a statement like that. I want to go into piercing and/or tattooing (although I have horribly shaky hands...) but for now I'm just existing and learning what I can about it. I want to get my septum pierced, as well as both my eyebrows, Medusa, (Vertical?) Labrette, tongue and maybe cheek. So far I do have one tattoo idea that I want; the Greek Hermaphroditic Daemon Agdistis who I associate myself with.
Hi guys and gals. I'm Thomas, 31 years old and live in Norway.

I used to be hooked on piercings, but for some stupid reason I removed them years ago. I'm in the process of putting most of them back in at the moment. Also I love getting inked ofcourse, that's a rush for sure. Lately I've been seriously considering a couple scarifications and a few microdermals.

See you around.


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