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Hola, I am Nich. My real name is Nicholas Roditcher and I have been into body modification since I was 15. I received my first tattoo at the age of 18 and ever since then I have been hooked on the idea of getting into the industry. So I decided to search for an apprenticeship. I am happy to say that I have found one and have been sticking with it for the longest time. I'm six months in and have two and a half more years to go before I am a professional. It was a lot of work and waiting for the right moment but it happened and I couldn't be happier.

Anything else you wish to know about me, feel free to message me.

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my name is evaun im from the bronx the only 1 that looks different on my block and i pretty much do whatever to keep busy...i enjoy art,sketching listening to isetmyfriendsonfire,breaking stuff chilling with ma girl and skating excersisng being outdoors,,,oyea n doing diy clothing...studdin rippn all that good shit.. well for carreeer i would like to become a ufc fighter,or fashionisto...dont fail me for the fashion part we all likle fashion haha and if i fail at that id consider joining the
Well, I'm Kiki. I've been unofficially apprenticing for years. My husband is a piercer, and I've been in and out of different shops and have helped prep, clean, sterilize, pretty much anything he needs done. We always joke that someday I'm going to take over since he wants to get into tattooing or scarification eventually. Umm... yeah. Ask if you want to know anything else.
I'm dawn,
i started getting peircings when i was 12
in order of:
left spider bites
2' gauges and left ear three rings gauged
right eye brow
low middle labret
with more to come and even dabbling in tattoos but only small ones untill i can get a professional artist i trust.

and bridge

I'm chasity im 16 and i got my septum and snake bites but i have had my right eyebrow my left nipple pierced and my belly button and i have 2 tattoos. I plan on waiting till im 18 to get the rest of my tats but i want to get alot more piercings soon. :)
fuckn a dude....i pierced for a few years and its fuckn kick ass bro.    what u got for ink an metal man
names lacey, i got my first "exotic" piercing at 13. i would kill to be able to pierce people..
Hi my name is will and I have Snakebites and a middle labret. I plan on getting my bridge pierced soon.
In addition to that, I am 21 i live in chicago. Im a pretty easy going guy. I have my own sense of humor which can be awkward sometimes. yeah, if u wanna know more aboutfeel free to add me.
hello :) im ashley, 25yrs old, living in michigan. i have nostril, septum, lip(on the side), one nipple, and one ear and i have one tattoo so far but plans for many more. been researching apprenticeships and would love to become a tattoo artist :)

Umm hrallooo there. My name is Amalie and I don't know what I want to do with my life.

I got my first piercing at age 12 which was a nostril. When I was 14 I got eyebrow and a few months later septum. Then I started to gauge my septum which is now gauge 6 (4 mm.), then I got snakebite when I turned 16. Heading to get cheeks this summer and nostrils again.

Short story: I love piercings.

I haven't got any tattoos yet, I'll just wait a bit with that, but I want looaoaads.


Uhmmmm... that's pretty much it.

Well, I am Alex, I'm 20 and I also really got into tattoos when I was 15, and got my first one when I was 18. Actually going to get my 12th one finished tomorrow, I'm so pumped! I want to be a tattoo artist but I'm going to art school first. I am going into my Junior year, and I'm loving school! I love animals and all things bright and colorful. It's funny, I love hardcore punk stuff but I'm really shy and love things like unicorns and kittens. And I am not afraid to admit it, if you can't admit to others the truth about yourself, you'll never be yourself.


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