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Anyone here with scarifications? (Not to be confused with standard self mutilation.)
I have eight so far, which I've done myself.


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not too into the myself lol but pretty cool nonetheless
Very nice for doing it yourself, I saw a guy with some really cool scarification on bmezine yesterday i'll look for the link..
Thanks haha.
Holy tits, that must have taken forever. Looks cool though.
love the star and the bird
Thanks. =]
Oi, I've scene those before. The coiled bits of skin look so weird, haha.
Sweet scar though.
Ug, as cool as it looks in the end, the process is just nasty. Well, do what makes you happy huh?
I suppose, but I don't mind blood.

Haha exactly.
The pain differs on the area. The tops of my legs
have slightly tougher skin so it was easy to do, but
the bat wing was more difficult because my skin
is softer there.

Haha, I stole a pack of those old fashioned razor blades that
men used to shave with from my grandma's house and did it
with those. They're sharp as fuck.
Professionals take out actual strips of skin,
but I'm not that good what, so I just cut pretty
deep. The deeper the cut, the wider the scar.

Baha, don't worry about it.
dude thats rad,i had a lame heartogram bracelet etched into my wrist but it faded away.
im totally into this,i was actually thinking of doing 2 sparrows below my bellybutton.


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