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Anyone here with scarifications? (Not to be confused with standard self mutilation.)
I have eight so far, which I've done myself.


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That'd be sweet. What would you want do to?

I want one on my back but I can't really do it myself
and I don't trust anyone enough to do it for me. =P
im not sure something japenese probably i dont mean jap writing btw i really like the way they do jap tattoos mibi like a koi fish or something

yeah ino what u mean if only u had giant arms:P
your really good at doing them aswell
do u live near glasgow i know a guy who if theres like a pro at doing them in glasgow hel know about him:P i could find out if u do live close by=]
found this browsing and you said you like coi fish
thanx =D thats like exzactly what i want =] your like a fuckin legend =]
btw ur hairs awesome i love it =]
i saw it like 2 seconds after i read your response hahah

and thanks
im gonna try get it done soon =]
Oh yeah, Japanese tattoos are really nice. That sounds cool.

Thanks very much. =]
Haha I live in Canada, but thanks XD
yeah i ahve money put away for jap sleeves when i turn 18 =]
yeah ur just a bit to far away then :P
hey guys back off em. if they want to do that, let them. piercings are the same and tatoos are the same, just not self inflicted.

my girlfriend might get one and im not freaking the fuck out.

i agree with "Juggalo MaggotFace" and "Nick Vicious" about it being not normal, but jeez. honestly, who the fuck is normal?
Haha thanks man.
no prob. who the fuck am i to tell people who to be
btw what are your other 2 ? =]


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