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Im very curious to know everyones religion and beliefs its always an interesting discussion when it comes to this. Me personally i believe in LaVeys form of Satanism combined with Luciferian Satanism. I follow the Left Hand Path.

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 I was brought up in the LDS church. My family was pretty dysfunctional and we were very low income so we did not fit with the mormon cliche.

 I havent been to church since I was 17. Pretty much have no desire to do the organized religion thing again.


 I belive in aliens.... I don't think it's anymore obsurd than say,...A geriatric white man who lives in the clouds watching you masturbate.. -shrugs-

Don't forget the invisible or only in the head bits.

I am mostly a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ. I do not believe 90 percent of the Bible to be infallible truth, I think it is parables, lessons and folk tales taken out of context for years on end. I believe in science vs. most of the 'historical' happenings of the Bible. I have common sense with not so blind faith. But I also read just about all of the other 'holy books' from all walks of life, because I think they have life lessons that are just as valid as the Bible's. I try to stay educated and be a good person.


I hate organized religion, Pharisees and churches.

I grew up Mennonite until I was 18 years old. I was home school and actually memorized large portions of the Bible as a child. When I got older and left home and the church I denied my faith for years thinking that there is only a black and white view on faith. But now I realize, I am a human being, I cannot figure everything out for myself and I am sure that an all powerful and all knowing God that I believe in will understand that my heart is in the right place.

I never push my faith or inner thoughts on other people. I have never taken my kids to church, but if they ask me someday what I believe I will speak to them about it. I do not think that if you believe differently from me you are going to be punished in some sort of way ( hell or whatever people want to call it) , but that you are on a different path than myself on the road to figuring out your own spiritual well being.


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