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Hey people.

I'm heading down to a couple of outdoor music festivals UK this year. They are all in sumer so it should be all good for sunshine.

Anyone got any advice for keeping a mohawk well groomed at an event like this? The longest one is about a week long. I was just planning to add a new layer of hairspray every day, think i'd get away with it??


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The longest I've kept mine up is about 4-5 days, doing just as you say. Usually adding a bit of hairspray in the morning. The best results have come after driving with my sunroof down on the highway an hour or two after putting it up, then respraying and driving again.

The only problem I run into after that is that it starts to itch, and I finally have to take it down when the itching gets too much. Maybe someone will know a magic way to clean the itchiness and then it can stay up longer.
i had mine up for i think... 8 days now... its not coming down any time soon.
be careful with keeping it up that long. If your able to wash it at least after 3 days. My friend that cuts hair told me that hairspray plus sunshine will fry your hair. some people with hawks keep them up all the time. it really takes a toll on the hair itself. ALSo make sure you apply sunscreen to the shaved sides. I had to learn the hard way. peeling scalp and a mo'hawk aint sexy. I not to mention hairspray makes it feel liek you are driving nails into your head when its sunburned.
As far as festivals and events there was a new feature rolled out last night for setting up events. Maybe you can do that and meet other Mohawk Rockers at the concert.


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