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I dunno if anyone else has this issue where they are, but where I am we have a lot of people accusing our group of punks of being the "rich punks"

I'm not entirely sure where this assumption came from.

We work for every dime we get. We all have minimum wage jobs.

If we have something nice we either made it, or worked to get it.

We're not getting hand outs.

We're not being supplied by mom and dad.

It just doesnt make sense.

Most of the time, we ignore it, but it still baffles me endlessly.


Any opinions/similar stories?


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If you really were hurtin for cash wouldnt you take it as a compliment? 

I make about $2-3500 per month, and whatever I don't spend on food, rent, and insurance, I put into fixing up my car ('83 Hurst/Olds), somebody yelling "cool car, looks expensive!" would make my day

damn what kind of job you do to make that much? i need one like that. oh oh and put pictures up of your car! :D

I scrap old A/C units, most states have the recycling company do it, but Florida is so hot they just buy the metal/copper from me. 

damn nice living then.

Would be! I got a 2 bedroom apartment, wanted to use the spare room as a work-shop (every now and then I get an A/C unit that isnt shot to shit, so I refurbish it and sell em on craigslist cheap) and my friends heard that I got a spare bedroom. At the moment I have 6 people living with me, but it varies. Damn near all of em drink all my guinness, eat all my food, and torture my toilet. Since they work little paper-hat "may I take your order?" jobs they assume I got rent and whatnot covered.

I'm currently letting my 14 month lease run out and temporarily living in flint with my dad, he knows allot about cars and can help with some of the wiring on mine. Dunno whats gonna happen to the leeches, hopefully they'll realize that food and shelter is more important than shrooms and vidagames and I'll get to have my place to myself again.

Can't you tell em to pay up or move out?

its alright if someone says you look well off. but if they say "why dont you buy it i know you have money" id be like..ummmm no i dont. im broke as fuck. thats when it would annoy me a bit.

but hey if they think punks look well off then i think i like their views lol. i wonder what bums look like to them.

amen brotha


They like to think it's an insult.

It's definitely silly for sure.


 I make $60k a year at my job, I got there by going to school, and finally an aprenticeship program. It was easy to get a loan back in the naughtys, and have paid off that shit years ago.


 Some buddies of mine call me the 'privilaged one'.... yeeeah, maybe if you stepped outside your misrable retail job and actually appy yourself into something... I don't even own a house yet for chrissakes


 I mean, how much of a deadbeat loser are you when you get jealous of an approaching middle class person?


What does it matter if someone does or doesn't have money/nice things?

Punk isn't about being poor. It shouldn't matter if you live in a trashed trailer or a nice house in a nice place.

Comments like that to young punks is unneccesary. Store bought or not, all a patch is saying is "Hey I like this band". Diy is all good and fun, but if they don't want to make it and have the means to buy it from a store, by all means, let them. Ragging on them does no one any good. Plus, why discourage someone who wants to be in to this sort of thing?

I mean, do what you want. Make money matter. Personally, I think it's dumb. It's kinda like saying you have to be a high school drop out to be a punk. Putting guidelines on being punk is pretty much the exact opposite of everything it stands for... right?

Anyways, if I look like a rich punk, so be it. I work hard at a minimum wage job to afford the things I have and make, and then I take care of my stuff. So, thank you for noticing I have nice things, I guess.

I have a leather Jack and bondage pants, but I'm no where near rich "mommy and daddy" put me on my ass at sixteen and I fell into fucking killing myself doing construction. Everything I have I worked my ass off to get.


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