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I dunno if anyone else has this issue where they are, but where I am we have a lot of people accusing our group of punks of being the "rich punks"

I'm not entirely sure where this assumption came from.

We work for every dime we get. We all have minimum wage jobs.

If we have something nice we either made it, or worked to get it.

We're not getting hand outs.

We're not being supplied by mom and dad.

It just doesnt make sense.

Most of the time, we ignore it, but it still baffles me endlessly.


Any opinions/similar stories?


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Its a lifestyle. Punks a genre of people.

so i guess in your demented world its even more punk rawk to go out of your way to avoid clothing labeled "punk". i bet youre a lot better off than many of the people on here so step off your high horse buddy.

I used to get that when I was growing up. But as of late I'm pretty just scraping by. Who cares, they don't know you, besides that's a shitty fucking come back, don't let it get to you.
I wouldn't take it as an insult. Being well off by any means is better than being over a barrel money wise. Yea you can't buy happiness, but its nice to have a place to live and clothes to wear and food to eat...and if you work hard to get things that slackers can't afford I would take their comments to mean they are jealous.
I don't get made fun of for being "well off" cause well I am lucky to scrape to pennies together. I do get made fun of for going to college and wanting to be Successful and have money. Wanting to better your education to get a job should not be something to mock.
'Fuck off' generally works for me.

I did get harassed about that once, over a nose ring. The guy doing it was covered in store bought patches and had a rather expensive looking pair of boots.
Clearly the irony was lost on him.

That little story aside, it's kind of stupid to be jealous of someone with money. In the end, most people who are well off, have worked their way there by going through school, tafe, college, whatever.
The stereotypical "rich kid" is a minority.

So the ones who give a person shit over it, can just go fuck themselves anally with a pineapple.
That would take care of it XD, If everyone had to live in fear of being fucked anally with a pineapple, I'm pretty sure the world would be a lot nicer place. Hahaha
You'd probably also see a lot more people with colostomy bags too.
I can't see how the fuck erning money can be bad? Punk has nothing to do with being rich or poor. Just because you are rich does not make you a bad person, and being poor does not make you better than others! I does not matter if you have money because your parents are gigantic capitalist, or if they are fucking bums. I'm from a lower class family, but that does not make me any better, or any more 'punk' than some kid with rich parents. And why the fuck should it even matter if you are rich or poor?
My point exactly =].
it all comes down to priorities , when I was growing up I had a choice , get wasted and drugfucked like my friends or get a car , the car won , I have never smoked , drunk alcohol or done drugs , I have worked hard and made some tough choices along the way but now I am in the drivers seat and can pretty much do as I wish , my friends have all died off or ended up in jail , the cars , houses & bikes are all nice but the one thing I get that you cannot put a price on is RESPECT , I have been able to stay loyal to my roots and still dress the same , so it is possible to have the best of both worlds , if someone yells at me ya rich punk I just shake my head and say nah mate I just made the right choices .


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