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I dunno if anyone else has this issue where they are, but where I am we have a lot of people accusing our group of punks of being the "rich punks"

I'm not entirely sure where this assumption came from.

We work for every dime we get. We all have minimum wage jobs.

If we have something nice we either made it, or worked to get it.

We're not getting hand outs.

We're not being supplied by mom and dad.

It just doesnt make sense.

Most of the time, we ignore it, but it still baffles me endlessly.


Any opinions/similar stories?


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 I've been desperately trying to get the punks to realize that being rich is not a bad thing. It all comes from the John Bender breakfast club mentality... if you're more poor, then you're cooler.. most of the gutterpunk wannabes are just as spoiled as any other college kid. It's not cool to be a bum drinkin' 40oz that somebody else put out cigarette butts in.. but don't tell that to some of the crusty punks. I thought poor derelicts pretending to be rich with their cellphones was bad, but it's worse when some douche-tool acts like he's downtrodden. It's all bullshit.

being a commie is not cool

being a drunk that lives on welfare is not cool

being a dope addict squatter is not cool

Yeah, gettin' everything handed to you by mommy and daddy is pretty lame.. no doubt.. but having money is fuckin' awesome. I was punk since the old loft days back when I was 15.. spent my time on the streets, which sucked horribly. It's nothing to glorify. I love having my own screen printing operation, my own house, my own car, a big back yard with a horseshoe pit, my DIY grill, and a place for the dogs to run around..not to mention an entire separate fridge just for my beer (expensive good beer too). Hard work makes the beer taste better. 

If anybody ever questions my wealth I tell them that it is merely a side-affect of being a champion of your own destiny, someone who's vision and intellect precludes him from living a degenerate life of poverty. I worked, moved up in life, *shrugs* fuck the peasants. I'll kick 'em out of my house if they start up on that pseudo poor kid horseshit. Seriously, nobody wants to hear how poor you are. 


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