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What's the best advice you can give me on not caring about what people think or say about me. I want my hawk again but don't know how to take the bad stuff that people say

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Never easy dealing with when folk are rude about it. *sigh*  You just need to think on the people who say good things and realise the ones who say anything bad are usually just bitter or stupid - and you really shouldn't respect(or worry about) what they think if they are so blunt that they don't think first before they speak.


Remember the good comments and the bad stuff, just laugh it off, after all, how bad can they say?  At worse, it's all childish attempts to provoke you or make themselves feel superior for being 'normal' (Wow, what an achievement!).


Nothing someone can say about a haircut actually matters in the least - to anyone reasonable anyway.  It is only hair and if someone reacts so badly to a different cut, well, they really are shallow to the extreme!  Not worth much time thinking on their views on it.  It's your hair, you have it the way you want it and know no one can take away that you like it.

You could very simply tell them to fuck off and if they dont then u can curb stomp them:D

Well, Steven.....I started out gradually when I decided to go to a Hawk. I started with a fauxhawk, with my sides at a #4 and the top at maybe 3/4", then every time I cut it again, I would shorten the sides another number and increase the length of the Hawk in the middle. This way people kind of get used to it, and don't realize (or seem to realize) that it is developing into a full grown Mohawk.

Most of the comments I get are positive....with a lot of people saying "it suits you". I get the occasional "don't you like girls?" or "Did you lose a bet?" comment and such, but mostly when people ask me about it, I just laugh back and say something like "I wanted to start a new trend" or something like that...if people see that you are really happy with your Hawk, and that nothing they can say will change that, then they usually give up trying to bother you right away. I work in retail sales, so I deal with the public every day, so if I was even slightly embarrassed about my Hawk, I would be done. As Kobalos said, if you really ARE happy with your Hawk, and proudly stand up for it, then people will usually not even bother trying to bug you, cause they can see you honestly love it and they can't say anything to change that. Deep down a lot of people wish they had the strength to rock a hawk anyway, really.

You have to decide if you are REALLY ready for a Hawk right now.....maybe you just aren't quite ready at this stage of your life to take an extreme change....and that is okay. If and when you are ready, you will me.....and at that point whatever people say won't bother you a bit cause it's what YOU love and what YOU wanted. 

Hope I helped ya out.....I know when I was your age, I could never have rocked a Hawk cause i wasn't confident enough at that I am. Everyone is different....good luck! :-)

I have had my Hawk for so many years I just let it roll off of my shoulder and tell people this is me! You either like it or not and if people can't accept you like your Hawk then screw em

I'm a girl with a 'hawk and I love it. No, not everyone likes it and yes, a lot of people stare at me sometimes. I just shrug off the negative comments (the most frequent being "dyke" which I am NOT). If YOU'RE happy with the hair, nothing else matters!

Let's see some new pics of your new Hawk, Steven! :-)

You ignore it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but a lot of people are too rude these days to keep their more snotty opinions to themselves. Your body belongs to you and no one else, the choices you make for it are your own and no one elses.

And by no means is returning the hate in any way constructive. If someone tells you they don't like the way you look you say "okay" and walk away. Standing around and arguing about it will only make things a million times worse for you.

I have found that for every negative response to my mohawk I get about ten positive ones. Always consider the source. Usually the people with negative things to say have hair that I would not be caught dead in. Most of the time the people that insult others are just close minded conformists who can not stand to see some one be different or choose to express themselves. Do what you like. Life is to short to care about what others think.

Just don't care about it! I'm a girl with a hawk for years, and I live in a country where most of the people are not too modern. They call me a freak, tell me disgusting things, they always stare at me, they whispering behind my back and so on. You just need to ignore the bad things they say. After a bit you will learn how not to hear the words they say. Its that simple :D
 Last summer I spent a week in a city in the countryside because of a festival. Me and my friend(she is an average rocker girl) were walking in the mall to get food and beer, I laughed so hard on how stupid and scared people can be :D I was with my blue-purplish hawk, with 3 spike piercings and in a bikini with some torn shorts. If you ignore them, or find a way to strike back, it can be funny. Like when some people yells 'ohh my God', I always yell back 'I'm not working, please call me Luca' or something like that. 

People are sometimes cruel, but be yourself, and never care about strangers' judgment.
Cheers, Luca from Hungary :)


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