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So last friday I met a girl who had hitch hiked all the way from oregon, she seems like a sweet girl. She really needs a place to stay and I have room in my home. I just met her and I'm wary if I should trust a stranger in my home while none of it's residents are home due to school and work. I want to help her, but I can't help but worry what might happen. What would you do in my shoes?

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i have a friend who hitchhikes regularly, and has put up travelers in her home. so this is speaking from experience from her that's shes told me.

basically when she hitch hikes, she finds people to stay with in different towns and areas, very rarely does she go to a random town and deiced to sleep there(she knows where shes staying before she gets there), if she does its for a night under the stars if you catch my drift. however well hitching she said she has gotten offers to stay at peoples homes and she has, usually she gets out as soon as possible and only if they seem legit(she also never travels alone so there's more then one person weighing in on the decisions). the few times she has stayed with strangers they usually give her work to do around the house for cash. i dont think shes ever been left alone for numerous hours in the home.

as for putting people up, she used couch think) and some Germans came and stayed in her home. basically the deal was, they were out of the house when everyone else left. and they could come back at whatever time anyone else would be home. there was never any troubles, they did a lot of tourist things well they were here and helped around the house.

if you dont feel comfortable then dont bring her in. its shitty but if she hitch hiking im sure she knows how it goes and understands were your coming from. if you have trust then go for it, let her stay with you and lay down the ground rules (only x amount of days, cant be here when others aren't and so on, or whatever you think is fair and will help you sleep at night). most travelers are extremely nice, and very straight arrow and wont fuck with you. but you are letting a stranger into your home.
Thats really good advice.
I'm not sure I would do it, but I have some trust issues.
I'd let them in, but still be wary.
Smoke some weed and all will be clear.
I wouldn't be able to trust a stranger in my home alone. But then I've experienced a lot of let downs from on-the-surface charming and honest seeming people. I've had some stuff stolen even by long term friends (at the time) of years - nothing vital, just things that obviously were just too tempting for them to take 'cause they liked them.

I have been in the opposite situation though of being put up over-night by a couple strangers - brother and sister they were, that I met at a club. I was awake anyway over the night so I didn't need to sleep, just a place to stay for around 5 hours after we got out the club. They went to sleep and left me in the living room, although the brother got up for something during the night from the kitchen and we spoke briefly before he went back, I was left alone in trust.

Of course, they weren't up before I had to leave for my bus home in the early morning, so I wrote a note thanking them greatly. I must admit, I felt very grateful to their trust 'cause they really didn't know me at all and I didn't break it in any way. But then that's only my word about myself =) which obviously shouldn't weigh much. :D

Still, if it's not just your own stuff but also your families or partner at risk. That should also weigh into your decision. It's a very tricky one to decide.
I'm glad to know I'm not being paranoid. I've been screwed over by friends and loved ones so I'm very mistrusting of people. I just think to myself, "if that were me, how would I feel?"
I personally wouldn't trust someone I just grabbed off the street in my home.. Even if people seem nice you never know their true intentions..


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