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alrighty i dont eat meat.

my stomach doesnt digest it well and usualy i just end up throwing it all back up beacuse of it

and well my dads a huge dickhead and is all rude beacuse i'll tell him i dont wanna eat any i mean ive already tried to say fuck off seriously and he still like screamed at me and shit

so now other then just being a huge bitch and throwing it away like i have been

what the hell should i do?

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kick his ass
yeah totaly i'm a 5ft like 114lb chick agenst my dad thats like 5'10 and is like 165 hed squish meh!!!
haha but i'll try hahahah
chicken nuggets, homegurl
5'10 l65 mincemeat
politely talk to your dad about how it's your decision about what you put in your body. ask him to please respect your choices and to not force his choices upon you. you are old enough to make an informed decision about what you eat. if it'll help, maybe show him some information about how you're going to properly supplement for things like iron and vitamin B12, and also how you're going to get various proteins from your diet without having meat (example, dairy products, chick peas, beans....)

if that doesn't work, tell him straight out that you're not going to eat meat wether or not he puts it in front of you. i'm sure he'd rather you save money by not throwing out and wasting a bunch of food that he could enjoy for himself...


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