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Does such a thing exist?

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Why would you want it? Alcohol is what makes the hair spray dry. The higher the alcohol content the faster is will dry. You want a spray with a lower alcohol content but not completely gone.

My hair is pretty sensitive to alcohol and dries up very easily D;

Most spiking sprays have alcohol, I don't think you can get them without. But there are spiking gels that have no alcohol. They're good for shorter hair but not for longer hair. 

Yeah, I use it only for my longer hair but my scalp dries and flakes so much it's uncomfortable. Anything I can do?

Perhaps try some deep conditioning and scalp treating shampoos.

If you dry your hair the way you want it spiked, use a leave in conditioner only on your roots. It'll keep your head moist for a while. And try conditioners or shampoos with mint/peppermint. It helps.


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