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Me and a friend were having a disscusion, and can't decide. We've looked it up and no one seems to have a solid answer. Feel free to disscuss.

EDIT: Not really getting the response I was hoping for, and not many people seem to know. Most guesses lead to a Lucas film called "THX 1138," but I was looking for other opinions. I've even heard it was cop talk for grave robbers. I'll leave this post in this category for another day or two, but may change it to get it on the main page if there isn't a larger responce.

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Yeah, its been a while since I've been online, and since I've checked this post, so I was wondering "What the hell did he do to get made fun of so bad? Wait.... Now hes making fun of himself? WTF?" Then I remembered that idiot comenting. :)))
I don't know why it is 138 for I hate but I was actually reading a paper and they listed it off as an acronym for I hate after someone printed a book of "text acronym dictionary" or something like that
Hmmm..... I don't really see how that works, but I might look into it. Thanks for you're input.
Corny people use it as a meaning for I love you. Supposedly because it's "one meaning, three words, eight letters" or something like that. Mostly used on the internet. This probably has no relevance to what your talking about though.


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