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Me and a friend were having a disscusion, and can't decide. We've looked it up and no one seems to have a solid answer. Feel free to disscuss.

EDIT: Not really getting the response I was hoping for, and not many people seem to know. Most guesses lead to a Lucas film called "THX 1138," but I was looking for other opinions. I've even heard it was cop talk for grave robbers. I'll leave this post in this category for another day or two, but may change it to get it on the main page if there isn't a larger responce.

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Ozzy XD
Ive seen the movie and I think it also makes the most sense, but Ive heard some pretty plausible answers...
This doesn't have anything to do with the meaning, but 138/2 = 69!
Oh shit! Thats my new favorite! ;D
If you're so drunk and homeless what should it matter to you?
I mean the all of punk is completely a fashion so you must be the only one who isn't a poser, right?
Because you're too lazy to sober up and make a living for yourself.
Please, find me the town where 138 is police code for public drunkenness.

In the meantime, please stop trying so hard to be an internet badass. It's not working.
"In the meantime, please stop trying so hard to be an internet badass. It's not working."

Haha, Dont be so hard on him.
I bet he's 12, watched to many movies and gets beaten up at school cause he wears his pants to his shoulders and has glasses as big as a Pizza. ^^
Ahahaha, Kudos!
Amanda I think you're prolly on of the most adorable people on the site.<3
Did anyone notice that the dumb fucker we were making fun of deleted his comments? Wow, guess he really was a pussy... But it does make reading through the comments a lot funnier now!
Hmm... certainly makes reading through it somewhat interesting.


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