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 I was gonna do the bleach-camo thing to an old denim jacket, I read an online how-to and tried it on some old work pants... I now have white work pants.

Anybody have any better suggestions? How did you do it?

(picture attached isn't my jacket, but its what I'm shootin for)

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Get some clothes pegs, string anything else that you can use to clamp bits of your jacket together. Scrunch bits up then tie the bits of denim together tightly, where you don't want the bleach to pull the colour out. Its like tie dyeing, but you need it to leave a random pattern, rather than lil circles.
I got another pair of ratty old work pants, I'm gonna try again by using a spray bottle to put the bleach on. Ever hear of doing it that way?
I've tried it with a water gun on a pair of black and grey pants, I was going for more of a splatter look rather than camo, and it worked quite well. I haven't tried the look you're going for but I think  if you lay your jacket on a flat surface then poor puddles of bleach on it you'd get the look your aiming for.

Holy shit, I was actually thinking of using one of those cheap see-through squirt guns! 

Your idea might be best, fill the bleach bottle lid with bleach and fling it on and let gravity do the rest?

well, the thing is if you let gravity do the rest the bleach will drip down and it'll show in the results. IAlso wear latex or plastic  gloves cause those cheap squirt guns leak
I just did another pair by bundling em up and soaking em in bleach, they turned out good this time! I think the first pair was just too faded and old, the 2nd pair I did was dark blue
Gonna try the jacket tomorrow. Was gonna do it today, but I ended up playing chauffeur for drunk people
Ive never bleached anything but my hair..I gotta bleach some of my clothes though
I had friends in highschool who used bleach pens to draw things on black clothing.. It's not what your looking for but it's a fun idea I've always wanted to do :p
I make my own shirts with screen printing ink. Despite what I may have said in the past, if anybody's gonna try it, use YuDu brand, it's allot thicker so it doesn't bleed.

this is what I currently got goin on


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