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 I was gonna do the bleach-camo thing to an old denim jacket, I read an online how-to and tried it on some old work pants... I now have white work pants.

Anybody have any better suggestions? How did you do it?

(picture attached isn't my jacket, but its what I'm shootin for)

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Looks good i was thinking about bleaching a pair completely white and then making them look like they were covered in blood :)
You gave me a halloween costume idea; Justin Beiber on his period!

put some bleach on it tie up sum parts use clothes pegs sponges water guns just pour it on do a practise test on an old pair of jeans play about XD

xxx its realy easy

Thats what I'm doing currently, minus the pegs, just a bunch of zip ties
My fella used a squeezy bottle, filled with thick bleach to make a splashed pattern on a pair of black jeans and let it dry in the sun. He put a load of patches on them after. I'll see if he'll let me take a pic, so you can see the results.


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